Test Your Resilience
Life has a bad habit of throwing challenges our way. Situations we didn’t expect, or disappointments, can get in the way of our goals, if we let them. The key is how we handle ourselves when something goes wrong. Do we give up, or do we keep going? Do we have the support we need to help us through the difficult times? Do we institute daily habits that give us resilience, and the emotional energy to handle unexpected situations? Here is a quiz to measure your own resilience potential.

*I am good at identifying what I am thinking and how it affects my mood.

*I have caring family and friends around me, and talk things over with them if something bothers me.

*I am pretty relaxed and even-tempered.

*I exercise at least 30 minutes 4 times a week.

*If someone does something that upsets me, I am able to wait until I calm down to discuss it with them.

*I eat at least 2 wholesome and nutritional balanced meals a day.

*When a crisis hits, I can stay calm and think things through.

*I do something I really enjoy and which is “just for me” at least once during an average week.